This course introduces you to the role and responsibilities of a Construction Estimator. The book also covers the necessary company practices and the critical function of the construction estimator on a construction team. The preparation and procedure for setting up a tender document for a construction project are fully covered.

Course Contents

Lecture 1 : Defining the project data

  • Introduction
  • Starting Estimator
  • Working with new project
  • Earth work and masonries
  • Defining rooms
  • Openings and shutters
  • Concrete structures
  • Selecting concrete surfaces for plastering
  • Entering the dimensions of tiled surfaces

  • Lecture 2 : Specify the steel work and editing the master library

  • Schedule of bars
  • Defining the steel requirements using "Thumb Rule"
  • Choosing the works in the project
  • Add / edit work master library

  • Lecture 3 : Estimating and Tendering

  • Preparing estimates
  • Generating charts and graphs
  • Creating and issuing tenders
  • Receiving tenders and issuing work orders

  • Lecture 4 : Work progress activities

  • Measurements and consumption
  • Billing measured works
  • Purchase request
  • Placing purchase order
  • Preparing material receipt note