Many people spent years in learning Classical Arabic, to discover later on, when they are put in situation where they should speak with people in different countries, that they cannot really understand their language, because spoken Arabic is different and has different rules while speaking. No one can also deny that spoken Arabic is much easier than the classical, as in slang we never mark the case and we use only 8 pronouns instead of 13. Normally, Arabic is not originally a Latin language, it is a Semitic one; thus, there are too many differences between Arabic and other Latin or Germanic originated languages. We are providing two different levels, the first one as Elementary containing all materials in a transliterated form (here we focus on the grammar basics and vocabulary) to give the student a better opportunity to improve, understands, and speak fast; not to mention that begging in real Arabic alphabets will take more time to analyze and memorize words.The second level is the Intermediate, and this is recommended for either non natives that have been encountered with Arabic language before, or those who have just terminated the 1st level where it starts in Arabic Alphabets and all other materials for both grammar and vocabulary are in Arabic. It also includes texts, audio, or visual materials taken from newspapers, songs, or other sources, translated from Eng into Arabic or vice versa to improve the vocabulary and increase the listening and reading comprehension skills.